Saturday, August 21, 2010

what's in a name

I stumbled across this name on HTC's roster. Rasmus Guldhammer. How cool is that name? I also like Lars Boom (like home with a B, not like a Batman comic fight). "That's Guldhammer with a U" -if that was my name that is how I would introduce myself. I don't care who you are or what you do, if your name is Guldhammer you are going places.

Jens Voigt, his name is so powerful no mortal can pronounce it correctly for fear of spontaneous combustion. Everyone knows how to say it, but the mouth, larynx, and tongue will not.... out of fear.

There are more great cycling names out there, what are some of your favorites? This is where you can use the comment box and put something in it. I know of at least 7 people who read this so I had better see at least seven comments. Well it's not like your are going to do better than Guldhammer. Sideways Smiley Face Winking Eye

You're a Snob

Have you noticed, well if you ride a bike you do it, how cyclists are a bunch of high school girls. Most of you reading this are already guilty. You check out what people ride, what they wear, how they ride, who they ride with, where they ride. Yes, you do.

Put a naked, doesn't even have to be naked, how about half-naked girl on a bike and a good % of cyclists are going to look at the bike, then the girl. (ladies you can picture a guy) We look at components, heaven forbid you have different groupos on a bike. We look to see what tier you have completing your ride. Is it Red, 7900, Super Record? If it isn't you must not be "good". Your "cool factor" is low.

Did you see the bartape that guy used? Didn't even match his saddle. I have a set of training tires that are mismatched, wonder what people think? Did he do that on purpose, or is he touched? Speaking of tires, we try and match tires with a frame or a water bottle cage. I've seen you. Don't lie. I'm just as guilty as the rest.

Clothing optional. I swore I would never, never, never. Wear spandex cycling shorts. Now that I am "cooler than you" I say bibs. You could not pay me to wear sausage smugglers. Now I shell out $$$$ to have the ones with the cool scorpion on them. Don't ever wear bibs or shorts with a baggy shirt. You can go baggy on the bottom and tight up top, but never the reverse. I did not make the rulz, I mean really...think about it visualize.

We are cycling snobs, yes on some level everyone is snobbish. Oooh that is an ugly helmet.

Friday, August 20, 2010

News from the Front

The German Gorilla added another W to his palmares, when he bested Robbie Mac and EBH at the line on Wednesday. That makes 17 if anyone is counting, Cavo? Greipel is leaving HTC due to his second fiddle status and will join Omega Pharma, or whatever they change their name to next season. I still think that Predictor Lotto was the best, Pregnancy test and Lottery as a sponsor. Those two go hand in hand, well maybe not hand in hand, but seriously you can't make that kind of stuff up. I love it.

Koos Moerenhout just edged out Tony Martin today over some cobbles, just like a spring classic without the cold and wet. I really like this race and wish it was televised, it really is reminiscent of the spring classics with cobbles, crosswinds and cycling crazy fans from the Benelux region. How about that Tony Martin? He put on the leader's jersey today and I expect he should keep it. Tomorrow's stage 4 is going to be a sprinter's stage, and the Gorilla is on the prowl. EBH is always there in the end, but he just can't seem to get out of the bridesmaid dress. If Robbie Mac and Greipel have anything to say about that, he will stay right where he is, just off of the top step.

Back on home soil: On Wednesday David Tanner of Fly V soloed into SLC with Dowsett just behind. Levi finished safely in the group just 26sec down along with fellow ProTour rider Big George.

Sad news for George yesterday in Utah, when he tried to avoid another rider ran off the edge of the road into some gravel and hit the tarmac. No broken bones, but required stitches to his bruised and battered right knee. He is hoping to be ready for his title defence in his hometown at the U.S. National RR Championship. Hope you heal in time to win another Red White and Blue jersey, George. We are pulling for you. Good News: Well it is bad news if you are not named Levi Leipheimer. Levi crushed stage 2 yesterday, with Mancebo and Boswell the only two that were even half-way able to "go" with him. Riding without the support of "teammates" Levi went rogue from his three man group and put 51sec into the second and third place finishers. Mancebo is last years Utah winner. Boswell rides for Bissell and is all of 19 years old, and 6'3". Oh, he can climb. Levi did put himself into the leaders jersey, but said that he was "here to win stages, not the overall." Really? Unless he has a really bad day... he has the leaders jersey and is stage hunting, I don't see how he won't take the overall??????

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some Racing

Correction: Ricco signed with Vacansoleil, not Quick Step, sorry for the misinformation on that one. I can't help but think that Quick Step dodged a bullit on that one. I just feel that Ricco has a poor attitude, and does not seem apologetic for his sins against cycling. It is easier to forgive when the transgressor is remorseful. It's a broken record named dead horse. Sorry for beating it.

There is and has been some cycling going on lately. Tyler can put it down as long as Cavendish is not in the race. No, really, Tyler upheld his title at Vattenfall beating EBH and Andre Greipel; which is some pretty stiff competition. Greipel has fourteen or more W's this year, but one might argue that they are in second tier races. None-the-less they are wins.

Eneco Tour
Svein Tuft knocked out the prologue, the Canadian Garmin rider rode for Symmetrics cycling team and was on the third step of the podium in 2008 at the Tour of Missouri. He is also the current Canadian TT champ, Just thought you should know. Not that there was any "real" competition in the sprint, but Robbie Mac pulled off a win today in stage 1. I'm not trying to belittle Robbie, but there really is not much HP at Eneco. As if I'm a good judge of talent. Eneco is a fun little tour to keep an eye on. It will give me something to do before the Vuelta and Worlds.

Taylor Phinney put it down in the prologue for Trek Livestrong. Levi is riding the tour solo, but look for the kids of Livestrong to ride in support, just like they did at the Gila. Big George is riding in support of Louder and Bookwalter. Louder is a Utah native so look for him to have a little hometown motivation.

After the Ricco incident, I am reluctant to put out any Quick Step news, but Boonen is slated to be ready to race in late September, after missing the Vuelta and Worlds. He should be on form to race Paris-Tour. We'll see, dude has had a rough season, it started off great in the Middle East and then cratered from there. Let's just hope he has not gotten a taste for the "ol' white line." Oh, is winter over and the spring classics here yet? How could I bypass CX season, for the love of sand, snow, mud, and alcohol fueled fans. It will be here before we know it.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


What is it about the mountains? Sometimes you can change your attitude by gaining some altitude. I went to CO a full fledged roadie, and came home with single track lust. The road bikes are hanging on the wall, and the full suspension is getting prime billing.

I love racing, training on the road, and getting on the skinny tires and ripping it. Riding road is all about speed and racing. Every ride turns into a competition with half-wheeling, city limit sprints, and racing patheltes.

I don't race MTB, I like to ride MTBs. Fat tire bikes are vehicles of pure fun, and training on a MTB just takes the fun out of riding off-road. Riding with your friends can be competitive, but it is progressive one-up-manship where you push each other to have more fun.

Railing a sloping berm is a roller coaster ride in a jet fighter with you behind the controls hair on fire. Single track ripping is a freedom that "words all fail the magic prize." I've been bitten by the single track bug and I have a fever, a fever for more MTB.

Monday, August 16, 2010


I talked to a few people about Leadville, and we discussed the technicality of the ride, or more importantly the lack of technicality. I am not an expert by any means, and I have never ridden the course, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express. My knowledge extent of Leadville is that of the "movie" that came out last year.

So, last two years Lance, who has some MTB experience finished second and first, and set a new course record. This year Levi blew it up, I'm not sure what his MTB skills are, but nowhere near that of Weins, Wells, Overend, JHK, and the likes of Bishop, all of which he was able to dispatch handily.

What does this say about Leadville? Is it a Roadie course? Is a in "Tour shape" rider that much better than the best MTB rider out there? How is it that someone can come off the roads of France come to the super high country of Colorado and rule?

I don't know much about Wells, Weins et al... how they train or the hours they put in, but one would think that Wells would spank Levi when it came to fat tires, dirt and rocks. Wells would surly take Levi to school on a short track XC, right?

With everything that we know, you have to think Leadville is 95% fitness, about 2% handling, and 3% b'dassness.