Sunday, October 16, 2011

Racing 'Cross -fun?

This is not a race report.

Since I built up my frame and turned my first laps at practice I have been undecided about my feelings toward cyclo-cross.  I think it has to do with not having the intensity in my legs that I have in the past, and not being used to the pain and suffering.  As if you ever get used to pain and suffering.  I have a good enough imagination and knack for words that I could probably come up with about 200+ excuses for why I can't, why I don't, or why I'm so freaking slow.  I'm not going to insult your intelligence.

'Cross requires an engine that has to be run in the red all the time.  I do not have that kind of engine.  You know what, I don't really care that much.  This time of year I am in chill mode, which means railing single-track on the mtb and just riding for fun.  Not like I have a training program that I follow, but especially this time of year it is only riding.  Now that I have thrown 'cross into the ring there is this temptation to get all crazy into racing and training.  I don't want to lose sight of what the big picture is, and it is after have fun.

I have great teammates and friends that keep me with my head on straight.  No, they really don't, but what they make sure I am having fun.  That is why we are on a team and that is why we ride bikes together.  Do my teammates care if I win or if I come in last.  Yes, they care that I have a good time.  I like to do good, don't get me wrong I would like to win a race, but winning is not my motivation.  The process is better than the end result.  Riding a bike with friends and teammates is more important than the podium.

Standing on the podium is brief, but the process that gets one to that position is what matters.  My teammate destroyed the field and stood on the top step today.  He deserved it.  I have been struggling with 'cross, and today was no different.  Suffering, pain, and fun.  That's right I had fun today, I lined up dead last 1) because I am learning 2) I wanted to see how many people I could pick off.  In the process I suffered, I felt pain, I had fun, and I got to race with my teammates.  And this folks is what it is all about.