Friday, May 11, 2012

National Bike Month

It's National Bike Month.

  Wow, we get a month?  I had no clue.  Next week is bike to work week, or something like that.  If it gets someone out there to bike to work and it sticks -great.  Since joining the shop, I have been trying to ride my bike as much as possible.  I'm not trying to save the world from global warming, I'm not a crusader.  Bikes are fun to ride.  It might take a few mins more out of your day to get to work, unless you have a huge commute -in that case you should live closer to work.  Plus, like I said before bikes are fun.  Do something fun first thing in the morning and you are bound to start your day off on the right pedal stroke.
I will say it again, Bikes are toys.  Yes, they can be used for transportation, but they are fun.  It feels good to ride a bike, and things that feel good put a smile on your face.  Driving in a car behind some idiot doing something stupid driving behind another idiot doing something stupider, puts you in a bad mood.  This is why your work sucks so much.

Of course you could say, "But Glenn Duh, what if you drove a really cool car?"  Yeah, that would make your driving experience so much better, yeah and what if you were the only car on the road, and you could drive as fast as you wanted?  And, and, and... get real you don't own an exotic and your commute is not the Twin Ring. BUT if it were, you might have the same experience as riding a bike to work.

Lastly, I know some of you just can't possibly commute because of our wonderful public transportation infrastructure, or the fact that your employer does not facilitate a cycling commute.  Alas, it is not a perfect world, if it were it would resemble a Willy Wonka-esk Cycling world.  Perfect roads, with the perfect grades for climbs, cambered turns, everything tree covered, domestiques to fetch water, rain that doesn't soak your socks, feed zones for a snack, cafes in all the right places.  Wake up, your late for work, and it is not a perfect cycling world.

Get out on a bike and make the best of what you have.  Be safe if you are going to tangle with the auto-crazies.  Momma always said "it is better to be wrong than to be Dead Right".

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cheers Al

Seems like I am always getting on here and apologizing for not writing.  I really am sorry that I don't write more, or have something to say.  As if I have something to say in the first place.  This finds me at a pretty strange place in my life right now, and with everything going on I should have a ton to write about, which scares me a little.  Because, I might be internalizing and that would make me a ticking time bomb.  Boom!  Boom is not good when dealing with a stockpile of emotional dynamite.

Anyway thanks for commenting and goading me into tapping at the keys and making some words, if they work together or not they are here for you to read.  Thank you Oprah, Tom Cruise, and the Jewish God for giving me my bikes to ride.  If it were not for putting on miles and riding with good people, I would be a wreck.  Oh, and an honorable mention goes to Al Cohol, he and I have become good friends -maybe too good?  We have always been good friends, but he is around a lot more these days.

I really would like to go on a rant for about 5k worth of words about ambition, money, and relationships, but I just don't have it in me right now.  Plus, I have to be at work in 45mins, so you are just going to have to deal with the complaining in short form this morning.  Maybe one of these evenings when I get home before the morning I will crank up the netbook and blast out some drunken rants.  Yeah, that will be fun and I won't look too much like an arse, right?

Short sweet, and super vague.  Stay tuned it might be another week or it could be a few hours that you hear from me.