Thursday, June 11, 2015

le nord

I got to go to France. And. I took a bike, my bike. How cool is that? Sounds like bragging, I'm pretty sure it is, but how freaking awesome is that? I'm still in disbelief of the whole thing. France. Well, to be more accurate Northern France in the Normandy and Picardie regions. Right on the Channel (or left depending on which way you are standing). I went to Europe last fall and it was awesome (bragging again). I'm not going to say BUT. (but)This time was different because I took my bike, and we stayed in the same place for a week and a half before moving on to Paris and Bruxelles.

I was on my own to explore wherever my legs could take me. I have to say this is the only way to see a new place, whether it be a foreign country or your own neighborhood. The bike is just fast enough that you can go places, but slow enough that you don't miss out on the nuances. I can say that I made a connection with the places I went on bike. The memories seem more tactile. You see, feel, hear and smell the experience. It's sensory usage that imprints greater because more senses are being recorded at the same time. Towns and villages have more character that one can feel by slowing down. The smells of the agriculture, bakeries, fish markets, and the sea are enhanced by the sound and sights that envelop a place.

 I could go on and on, actually I can't. So, I'll let these pictures pile up the thousands and thousands of words. Yes, it was that beautiful, even on the rainy days. Yes, I did imagine riding shoulder to shoulder with the pro peloton, when in France these things happen. I didn't actually get to ride shoulder to shoulder with the pros, but I did see the end of the Tour of Picardie. I did ride next to and behind the pros as they were heading back to the buses. Je t'aime, France, merci