Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's Classical

If a blog gets posted and no one reads it, did a tree fall in the forest? Or is it something about a bear. Maybe a Priest and a Rabbi. Whatever? Yeah I'm back, sure... you've heard that one before. No really, I'm not promising anything. But, on the other hand get ready to comment, send hatemail, and call your congressman.

I am not a fan of Fabian. I don't hate the guy, I'm not going to say that he is doping or using motors in his bike. I just do not like the guy, and I have nothing to back up my feelings as to why I don't like him. So there. I like Swiss Miss, love Toblerone, and the cheese with the holes is great. Fabian no.

And now for something completely different. I am going to try to be racist, sexist, and crude in the next sentence. Did you see that Cech dude grab that chicks ass? If Peter Sagan was half as good a bike rider as he is at playing grab-ass he'd be... Guess the UCI and Pat didn't tell Peter that the grab-ass only goes on behind closed doors and after money has exchanged accounts in an off-shore bank. Silly Peter he is so young. I love this kid. He is funny. One hell of a bike rider. He can ride wheelies. His powerslides make hipster-fixie-riders bow with envy. I don't know who put him up to the FB video apology, but he looked like a hostage. Shame on you. Where is Ted King when you need him? Ted, put your boy on a leash and keep the wolves away from him. If I can't have Tom standing on the podium, let it be Peter. (and not Fabian)

As much as I love to Boonen on the top step, I have to say that I love when a guy like Gerald Ciolek comes from out of the ashes and wins a monument like Milan -San Remo. Ciolek has been in the shadow of Zabel, Steegmans, Boonen, and Cavendish. Looks like he might have learned a thing or two while being "just" a lead-out man. Takes balls to go to a non-ProTour team to get what you want. And that is why I like the Darkhorse.  I love the back story.

Paris -Roubaix is right around the corner, and I would kill to see Sylvain Chavanel solo into the velodrome. Chavanel fresh off of his overall at de Panne is my favorite. He has to be the most overlooked rider in the peloton. He could lead any French team of his choice, yet he faithfully rides year after year for Patrick Lefevere under the banner of Belgium. Please Please Please let Chavanel have his due. Give him the number 1 on his back, and ride for him. The last thing I want to see is a healthy Chavanel playing nurse-maid to an injured Boonen. Chavanel on home soil hoisting the Pave. Dream come true.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"I'm not dead..."

Oh boy, do I suck. Suck at this whole blog thing. Sorry about that, my faithful reader/s (Mike). Guess you haven't had any reading material on the throne.  Anyway, I used to be able to just tap tap tap at the keys and put out some sort of time filling garbage that made me feel good about myself or at least make you crack a smile.  Holy Crap a lot has happened to me in the last year or so, and with the magic of storytelling I'm going to start at the present and work my way back, well at least back to a few days ago.

In a land not too far away, in a country where everything is bigger, there was a young boy... wait, too far back.  So, this last weekend I drove down to see the parents for Easter and to get some riding in on those choice Texas roads. The weather was perfect. When I say perfect I mean Perfect, not Panhandle perfect where the wind is only 20mph, I mean the flags needed Viagra it was so windless. Perfect. This never happens. Seriously check the history books, talk to a groundhog, do what you gotta do, but it is always windy. Well, except for this last weekend. I could not even fly my kite for the Easter tradition -heartbroken... sorry Grandma. It put a whole new perspective on the cycling in the Panhandle for me. Amazing is a pretty strong word. Beautiful roads, equally beautiful weather, and the stark emptiness of the land made for a religious experience.

I would, and will have to say that getting to share it with my parents was as they say "Priceless". Days like that don't come around very often. With that being said. When you ride in harsh, or less than perfect conditions all the time (like in the Panhandle) it makes the good days that much better. I guess what I am trying to say is... is. Make sure that when you get that "perfect day" you hold on to it and you appreciate it for all that it is worth.

It's short, don't know if it is sweet, but that's what I've got and that is what you are going to get. I miss writing like this and hope to be able to get back into a good rhythm. This is my favorite time of the year, it's the Spring Classics, and de Ronde was just two days ago. I've got lots to say, just having trouble getting it out into the magical 1's and zeros.  Stay tuned you never know if I will write again.