Sunday, June 30, 2013

le Tour fever

I should be mad at work pouring sweat over the keyboard, punching out blog after blog after blog. But. I'm not. Holy crap everyone is going crazy over le Tour, as if there has not been any racing going on since  February. Yes, it is big, and if it is the only cycling racing that you know, then that is fine, but it is not the only be all end all. I am thankful for all the coverage and I love the hype.  I love the fact that we can turn on a TV and have a live feed from across the pond, or type a few keys, slide some fingertips and voila... Magic. No more waiting for a racing periodical to read and relive the past.

Just a little recap of the first stage. "Your bus is too big"-French accent "Your banner is too short"-Aussie accent "The finish will be at 3km to go"-race radio "The finish will be at the Finish"-race radio Crash, Crash, Crash, Fast, Fast, Crash, Sprint, Win, Yellow, Roadrash. That was hard to watch, not saying it was not entertaining, 'cause it was. Not the crashing part -I hate that. I can feel the pavement, hear the carbon grinding, and the smell. I hate watching crashes, and if you like it, you are a sick individual. Stop being sick.

Stage two was great. Attack! Breakaway! Catch! Climb! Sprinters off the back! Counter! Attack! Gap! Catch-not so fast! With just what was it, a second? One second to spare, the solo (if you can call it that) fought to stay alive and hold off the surging peloton. Oh yeah, it looks like they have the same problem in France with stupid dog owners... Keep your dog on a leash you freaking idiots. Seriously, dogs are super cool and are generally smarter than we are, but they do dog things and we get in their way sometimes. So, for the sake of your dog's safety, keep them on a leash or in a fenced yard. [getting off soapbox and exiting stage right]  I love a good hard fought stage and today was a great example of what that looks like.

I hope for more days like today to keep this 100th edition of le Tour exciting. I'm not promising anything, but hope to punish these keys a little more in the next few days. It's been awhile and my skills are pretty bad. Good night.