Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hoop La

So glad basketball is over, sorry if I don't share your fascination with bandwagon jumping.  Anyway, had to get that off my chest.  Holy crap it is that time of year.  Grab a cold one, drink it down and talk some crap.  Yes, it is le Tour time.  The big question is...Who is going to win.  I don't care who wins, it is le Tour!!!!! Hey people can you tell me who won the Giro?  No?  Really?  Did anyone even watch the hardest stage race ever?  Man, I've given Garmin crap...but they pulled out an incredible win with one of our neighbors to the North.  Ryder killed, and how awesome was Rodriguez?  What a race that nobody talks about.  Yeah well at least you have your Tour.

Am I the only one who thinks that Bradly should shave those freaking sideburns?  Seriously Elvis is dead and very American, you can't pull it off.  Who has money on Cav pulling out early for the Olympics?  What's the Vegas odds on that?  Is there going to be anyone left at the Tour in the end?  Tom is riding Poland just to be fresh for the Games.  I don't know what the course is going to be like in London, but if it is anything close to a Classic, then my money is on Tornado Tom.  Said it, wrote it!  Gonna miss Tom at le Tour.  We do have an interesting situation brewing with Cav, Renshaw, Goss, Greipel, Oss-Sagan, Kittel all vying for the green jersey.

Wow, I can't make any predictions for this edition of the race around the French country that starts in Belgium.  I will predict that at this point it is as wide open as it can possibly be.  Teams are coming loaded for bear, and the riders are in crazy form.  If you are not excited for this Tour, change the channel and watch some baseball or extreme knitting on PBS.  Bob Ross reruns and a sixer might be the cure for you.

That's it for now, my ranting is at an all time low.  I have not been drinking enough.  Had to cut back.  As far as Andy being out of the Tour, I would much rather see Frank, but heck I've kinda given up on those two.  Evans for the repeat?  Wiggo?  Levi?  I'm not saying.  Stay tuned for either more or nothing...